Becoming a healer

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

As a young child, I was very sick, in hospital often with Asthma related illness. These frightening near death experiences established a pathway to my spirituality today. I recall as clear as it was yesterday, being in hospital so fearful and a vision of Jesus Christ came into my vision and made everything settle and calm the feeling of all tension melting away.

Growing out of the life-threatening moments of the illness, my school days were common with feeling like an outcast. Not as strong as others, not as coordinated, often with a tissue in hand with runny nose and watery eyes. I was the allergy boy. A great shift in wellness came through squad swimming which made me stronger through focusing on the breath. My Father taught me Karate and martial arts, the power of the mind. But it was not till I was a very young teenager that I unknowingly received insight to Homeopathy & power of Yin & Yang to bring about change. The young peer group pressure of smoking a cigarette resulted in a complete and utter turn around in my health.

In Homeopathy it is believed that giving someone something to exacerbate the illness causes the immune system to charge and in so has been known to heal or greatly affect the symptoms of the illness.

Always walking the internal path of the wounded healer I attended to each challenge with a similar mindset with the archetype of the rebel and rapidly transformed my life to that of confidence and vigour.

Approaching the senior years of school when one needs to start thinking of a desired career path. I found it terribly difficult, nothing in the marketplace presented before me was attractive or interesting to follow. School was definitely not something I was good at. So I signed up to an Electrical Trades Apprenticeship. Now knowing the theory of energy and electricity flow was essential to my fundamental learnings. To this day I have maintained my electrical license and regularly help others with lighting design and power installations. Lighting up where people play is a great joy for me. It was only after completing my Trades course and gaining my Electricians license that I decided to travel the world. My first jump into the void.

Many a books could be written on the adventures of this young adult fresh from reading titles like the Celestine Prophesy and the Alchemist.  The journey was attractive, the chance to challenge myself, notice the synchronicities and coincidences which guided my path. Just like the Australian Natives, and on my own walkabout.

Travelling through South Africa and some of Northern Africa, I travelled all the way up to Kenya and due to Ebola virus outbreak turned back where I travelled out of Africa to Europe and dozens of surrounding countries. Too many to mention, but the people and the connections made with these synchronicities, along with the dangerous challenges I navigated through, gave me the best education I could hope for. After 18 months a Gypsy and receiving news my Paternal Grandfather had passed. I sadly returned home.

This is when the study began. I felt a great attraction to courses at the local Natural Therapies College like they were screaming out to me.  A word on the list of electives for Naturopathy diploma was Qigong. There was so much gravity in this word. I had to follow up and understand what it was all about. Qigong (pronounced Chee goong) was a moving meditation course. “Great” I thought. I always found it difficult with stillness of meditation and postural yogas so I signed up. Learning Qigong in conjunction with ploughing through the bodywork of massage and reflexology electives in the diploma, I was well and truly in my groove. This was the first time in my life I felt like I was on the right path. 

Learning these arts of healing along with the theory based lessons on Anatomy, Physiology and Symptomatology gave foundation to all the previous learnings. This then opened me to Taoism the deeper theories of Yin & Yang and lead me down a path of Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. Onto psychosomatic bodywork, metaphysics and parapsychology.

Though I have had many great teachers. The internal path has taught me the greatest things.

That the body is a vehicle, the energy it needs and extracts from all engagements with things makes the world of difference. Good food, water, air and healthy relationships with all things makes a difference. That any one of these, which are, or become toxic or due to an imbalance of too much or too little, make the vehicle run poorly.

On my path to mastery and the desires to pass on what I know. I value my greatest lesson that a master can only teach one quarter of what they know. The rest is up to the initiate to learn through the experience of walking the true authentic path. To attempt to give more is only being an influencer or bragger to follow my way and this does not sit with my ethos.

With the Taoist gifts of the 3 treasures, knowing I am connected, protected & guided, holding myself accountable, aiming to be an exceptional, authentic human being. I move about space in service to my human family and the creator.

Hence the greatest struggles of my past within my perspective of reality have been who am I, what do I do? Having so many wonderful teachers and numerous certificates pertaining to my competencies, What is the banner I work under? Being that the archetype of the rebel still flows strongly within the field of my aura. Working as a specifically labelled practitioner is something I can not do. The rules and regulations to operate under such a banner delegates how to operate so that the marketplace can feel comfortable with the parameters of process. But the thing is, every single person I work with requires a totally different approach and to be anchored by a rigid primer and protocol for how I establish my connection to the energetic process for an individual must remain fluid. So the hardest thing for me to do in that process is give my work and what I do a limiting label.

The only thing that comes close is the ancient way of the Shaman. Yet the protocols of that word denotes a rigorous apprenticeship that I have not completed and therefore should not be labelled as such. I have had many teachings from authentically trained Shamanic healing professionals. All I can say with absolute confidence is that I am influenced greatly by the archetype of the Shaman. Just as the Rebel Archetype flows through and animates my being, the Shaman, Healer, Poet and Exorcist archetype animate the work I do and continue to teach me the ways of my practice. As the Shamanic way is to just be an exceptional authentic human being, this along with being of service to my family and the creator form the parameters of my mantra and space I operate.

This is not to say I claim to be able to help everyone. I have a great range of practitioners that I dearly value that specialise in specific areas that I regularly refer to outside of my scope and ability to be of service. I often feel the need to send someone for a structural adjustment of sorts or medical investigations.

The work I do is bound by my own code of ethics and rules of conduct to ensure I remain clear and aligned to the process which I have labelled Spatial Energetics.

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