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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

My daughter was just 4 years of age, she was sitting at the dinner table, only having moved into the home a year or so before. My memory of this meal was a celebration of sorts, but the details of the celebration mired by what took place. My youngest of three daughters eating the standard evening meal at the time looked like she was getting lost in the enjoyment of the flavours of the meal. Eyes tilted upward neck arched looking skyward. We thought it was her just fully enjoying the meal. I reacted instantly to this almost as a flippant remark that came from the loosest place of my attention. I said wow, it looks like she is having an absent seizure. My wife just shot me a glance with the arched eyebrow and we moved on.

It was only the next day we noticed it again and realised, it wasn't her enjoying the food. This momentary lapse in her awareness changed our world forever. From this innocent evening of a single seizure over the next four years. They amounted on record through ECG and other investigations to be in the realm of approximate 300 a day at her worst.

As an energetic healer, this was the ultimate journey into the shadow. I was impotent, useless and felt like a fraud. Nothing I had learned or had the power to do could touch this disorder that my daughter was experiencing.

We could not let her out of our site, just walking to school could see her vague out and walk straight into an oncoming car. she could not do the normal developmental things a child does. Could not swim, or ride a bike without one of us only inches away in case she slipped between worlds.

My teachings from the elders and in ceremony was simply, to be in service to my family and the creator. Being an energetic healer for others felt inauthentic, because I had nothing more to give. So the journey led me to wind up my flourishing mobile and clinic practice.

The old saying you need to shut one door for another to open coincided with a friend who's building business was flourishing and asked me to assist one day at his newly opened display home.With that the door opened to the change needed. Gravity with the assistance of the healing work I was receiving through my own mentor group ushered me into the space I needed to regenerate. The loss of Qi from feeling so inadequate in healing my daughter with this generally unknown illness was given space. Designing and gaining approvals for the building of beautiful dream homes for others.

Our trips to the Children's Hospital at Westmead we were lucky to have all the medical support and expertise one could hope for on such a journey. Though with each visit to the neurologist the reactive response was the same. We'll need to add medication and dial up the dosage. Each visit the same increase of dosage only saw more seizures. The torment in witnessing this process of losing my daughter to the medications which made her time of being present even quite absent and her vibrant personality slipped away with every increase offered.

We tried everything. I went through all channels, visited numerous other alternative therapists even tried to get on lists to be a Cannabis trial. But that did not come through due to the legislation changes going on at the time. Nothing in the medical world happens quickly. Everything seems to take the longest time and its the hardest thing for a parent to be subject to these delays.

Each and every time, in my healings and personal meditation space, I would receive clear guidance to stop trying, stop looking, let go and feel the support. Drop into it, feel. So you can imagine the frustration.

My curiosities through this process (as a sidebar) to all the goings on always pondered on the notion, could it be something to do with my house? I noticed the side of the house where she slept was always damp. Thought there was no visible signs of dampness by way of mould or anything in her room, I purchased one of those moisture absorbers from the hardware and put it under her bed. I was surprised that they filled up with moisture so fast. I put one in each of our rooms and noticed they all filled up over a period of weeks which I determined as being fast.

Working for my builder friend had seen the rise of growth to the point where I was now being considerably drained at work. Exhausted with the hours and dedication required of me with all that went on in the background. I was no longer happy, but could not admit to myself I was, because I was earning great money. My daughter was being cared for as best we could. Life had a balance that was nice. I started receiving more and more contacts from old clients wishing to see me where before when the decision was made it was like a switch no calls came through.

Then one night during my sleep an elder from South America that I greatly respect (and so shall remain anonymous) came to me very clearly giving me specific instructions. Dig a trench 800mm deep, 1500mm wide the full length of property and fill with river pebbles.

I called my friend who owned a small excavator and I ripped into the job and got it done as quickly as possible.

The only thing I did other than this during this time of action was the purchase of a salt lamp. I noticed before the trench the salt lamp appeared always damp. After the trench was installed and drainage was upgraded, the salt lamp became dry. The moisture absorbers through the house significantly slowed down.

I noticed one other thing straight away.

My daughter completely stopped having her absent seizures.

I mentioned to my wife and she agreed. However she did not see the link as I did to the drainage work and the cessation of her seizures. I suggested that we start to wind down her medication and see what happens. It caused quite a lot of argument, my wife firm in her beliefs that we had to wait for the neurologist to give the ok before we did anything like that.

Wow... I had to take some deep breaths. I did my best to make her see that it would not impact or harm her to wind down a half a mL at night. Being that the next Dr appointment was not for a 3 months, I could not wait. So we proceeded through the week at the lower night dosage, the next week we dropped another .5 mL. Then the next week we lowered her morning dose a full 1 mL. Each week passed and we lowered a little more and watched for any sign of change or seizures. None, nuddah, zip.

By the time the next Neurologist appointment came around we had halved her dosage completely. We told the Dr of our findings, of the work we had done that had reduced the moisture and have noted the significant change, which led us to wind down her medication. We were nervous that we would be lectured in a negative tone, but as it turned out the Dr was very supportive. Though he did not believe that anything we did with the house had any bearing on the prognosis that it was possible that she just grew out of it as some kids do.

My daughter was 8 when she had her last seizure. She is now 10 and she goes to the neurologist every year now, used to be every 6 months. Still no change to the ECG readings.

Pretty impressive going from averaging 300 per day to none at all.

I am so thankful for my journey. This process has taught me the most valuable lesson in my work. In the muck and the mud. You just need to quieten the mind, dig around clear a space for a spark to light the darkness. Gravity will do the rest. Whatever resonates for you from there is the path. Walk it without doubt, without procrastination. Feel the energy that inspires and ignites all into being and flow with that. Connected, Protected and Guided.

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